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Julian Wortelboer

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Julian played tennis professionally and in college before embarking on a career as a club management professional. Julian brings the discipline and dedication of being a world-class racquet competitor and over 30 years of private club racquet sports excellence to every engagement. 

Julian draws on a lifetime of experiences with a wide range of clubs, clients, competitions, and organizations. His experience includes working at the prestigious Longwood Cricket Club (Boston, MA), the exclusive Palm Beach Polo Club (Wellington, FL), and being Director of Racquet Sports for over 20 years at one of America's most distinguished private-club resorts, The Ocean Club (Key Biscayne, FL).

Julian is currently the only Padel Master Coach in the United States, His Padel methodology, tactics, and techniques, make him the best in class to run the educational Padel programs and to settle the base for the best Padel club management methodology. He is also the founder and creator of Padel Smash Academy the first educational digital padel platform in the United States.

Julian in partnership with the PCR (Padel Coaching Registry) has developed the first Padel Coaches Certification in the United States, 

Julian is one of the first two Racquet Sports Directors in the USA that has achieved the prestigious Professional Sports Registry (PSR) “4-Star” rating. Julian also received professional certification from the USPTA, PTR, PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry), The PPTR (Professional Platform Tennis Registry), PCR (Padel Coach Registry,) USPTA Padel Certification, CRSE (Certified Racquet Sports Executive), University of Florida- USPTA Masters Director of Racquet Sports certification as well as a Fitness trainer from AAAI/ ISMA and Spinning/ Indoor cycling.

Julian has been a speaker in multiple industry events and conventions focusing in bringing 21st-century technology and marketing to racquet sports clubs. Julian thrives in the realm of finding ways to marry both traditional and digital media strategies together.

While Julian's background is based in rackets sports, he quickly found his niche in executing digital media strategies, building brands, and providing social media guidance for racquet sports professionals, clubs and businesses.


Julian holds degrees and certifications in Digital Marketing with Google and Facebook Blueprint.

What is more, Julian is the founder and CEO of First Serve Foundation, which he created in 2009, in his bid to touch lives, bring education, prosperity, and meaning to children in need around the world. First Serve Foundation was founded on the belief that we can pool resources to help the less privileged child get access to better education, health, and resources. First Serve Foundation has been providing, families with hope, education, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

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